Danny Brown @ the Howard Theatre


So on Sunday night I faced the freezing cold to see Danny Brown at the Howard Theatre. Tell me why it seemed like he was only on for ten minutes?? He exploded on to the stage, and like a whirlwind, he came and went. Well, I enjoyed it while it lasted.  Before he went on, He had a guy named Joie 13 come on before him and I know Danny Brown is kind of old, but this guy looked like he was straight 45. He had some great energy though.  However, I couldn’t even really get into it because I was too busy being annoyed by these two girls that were white girl wasted and trying every moment to grab anyone that walked past them on the stage. I’m so glad there were about three people in between us or else they would have gotten a swift elbow to the side the way they kept trippin out.

After Joie, came Phil Ade and he was too on. He asked the crowd if there were any Phil Ade fans, I am now. Listen to his mixtape here:

Listen to Joie 13‘s here too:


I have a very crappy instgram video for you guys:


I found a less-crappy video on YouTube and if you look closely, and I mean very closely, you can see when Danny grabs my hand on the far right. LOL.


If you happened to miss Danny, DC to BC has is presenting the Smokers Club Tour with Joey Bada$$ and Ab-Soul this Friday:


$20.00 tickets? How could you say no??


Photo Courtesy of The Washington Post


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