The #SocialExperimentTour


So last weekend, I went to Chance the Rapper’s tour here in MD, And let me tell you, it was great.

The line to the Fillmore was so long, it almost wrapped around the whole block. The security should’ve just told us to stand at the entrance because that’s where the back of the line was. LOL. When we got in , though, it was great. The Djs were so on and so was everybody in there. Shout out to the huge guy next to us that went ham when Drake came on.

Well, I have a bunch of crappy videos that I won’t even try to add to this post .If Chance is still coming to an area near you, I advise you to buy that ticket NOW. He was so personable on the stage and his live band was amazing. Only one problem: He didn’t play Cocoa Butter Kisses. Like what ??? I don’t get it but I was so happy about everything else I couldn’t even complain.

Oh, and contrary to my last post,  Joey Bada$$ and Ab-Soul will be performing there Nov. 29th







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