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This Week @ eb0nics

I love Azealia, but lately she’s been going too ham on Twitter so you know I was excited when she actually dropped the visuals to her Pharrell-assisted ATM Jam.  I was so relieved that instead of me seeing her pop up on my tumblr dashboard for this:


I could vibe to this:


Actually, I vibe more to  ATM Jam Kaytrananda Edition. It makes me want to strut down a runway and vogue. See if you don’t end up in Milan Fashion Week with a freakum dress on when you press play.


Also, did you know Childish Gambino can sing? I don’t mean he’s heading to the choir on Sunday mornings. but he can definitely carry a tune. I first heard a little of his vocals on his song Centipede but now on his new song 3005 his vocals open up the song pretty fantastically.

And he’s just so adorable! Especially in this pic:


Am I tryna start something ? I hope so! Imma just let yall speculate with me.


SZA was just in my last post, and here she is again because she performed new song called Child’s Play @ Fader like yesterday:


This song actually reminded me of another track by XXYYXX, which made me realize it is time for Dream Girl PT II.  I’ll probably post the new installment next week.


Okay now on to my Track of the Day (lol, yeah I just made this up) it’s Do What U Want by Lady Gaga and R. Kelly; yeah you read that right. This song just makes me want to dance alllllll day. I swear, when this song comes on those Beats commercials, I completely stop what I am saying and start moving. My friends were getting so turnt because they were trying to say everything they could before the TLC movie came back on.  The only con to this song is that I can’t sing it in the way the song warrants. Just imagine me screaming ” DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH MY BODY!” on the DC Metro. LOL. Anyway, here it is :


Finally, if you are going to be in the areas on this flyer, then lucky for you. Ab-Soul and Joey Bada$$ will be there soon in their own headlining tour. Do I sound salty? I am. Why couldn’t they come to DC or be in Cali when I’m back over there ? Next time they need to schedule these things with me in mind. Sheesh!




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