OverDoz , Tofu

So OverDoz is finally coming out of their hibernation and it’s making my life! OverDoz has always been one of my Cali faves, they even have a song called Pasadena (shout out to my home town!). Their sound is great and every video they put out is amazing. They’re a group of four: Joon, Kent, Sleazy, and Creamie but there’s about eight that make up the whole DEST movement. They’re all introduced in their video Lauren London which was a play on the beloved ATL character of our childhood; they always bring the “new new”.

Their mixtape Live For, Die For was fantastic, I remember grooving to the songs on my way to math class back in high school. The group has a great chemistry and right on time, they have a preview for what we will be seeing next:

OverDoz will be performing with A$ap Ferg on his Turnt x Burnt Tour this fall, so catch them there!


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