F*** Rock the Bells: Trillectro Lite & Upcoming Events

I am no longer depressed about it so I can now talk about Rock the Bells and my crushed dreams. You guys know how long I waited for the day to come (practically my whole life) when I could live it up and jam to the artists I write about. Well, on September 26, my dreams were crushed. But it made me a little less sad when I saw my bank account after I was refunded- there was practically a skull and crossbones in place of my available balance before then. What the f*** Rock the Bells? You know what I’m over it so I’m sleep.

Even though Rock the Bells let me down, TRILLECTRO helped me out.

In place of the festival, on the 28th, Dc to Bc held a massive party, Trillectro Lite, at the Howard Theatre including performances from Grande Marshall, Kelow, and more. There was even a cameo from 9th Wonder. Not to mention, this DJ  was AMAZING. Like, I NEED a mixtape or something! Everyone had great energy, it was fun and just think: they created this party in 48 hours!!! Unbelievable.  If another was happening, best believe I would be there!

Check out the recap from Beyond TV:

LOL, I even saw myself in there a few times.

But if you’re in the DC area and you happened to miss it, there are a few more shows coming our way:


Anybody know of any other shows? Were you depressed about Rock the Bells too? Comment below!


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