Vibes Part 1


Ok so I’m taking another break from the countdown to show Part 1 of my Vibes playlist. These are the ultimate songs that just take me to the next level. Old or new, it doesn’t matter. These songs are either mellow, eerie, thought provoking, happy, or a combination of everything. These are the songs you would play while you lay on your bed and think about life, or share with someone else.  If I had my way, these songs would be on the mixtapes in those corny movies with the awkward boy that slips them into the locker of the girl who doesn’t notice his existence. Yeah, I like that. I’ll call these installments The Dream Girl.

Ok so here’s Part 1 of The Dream Girl:

Outkast- SpottieOttieDopaliscious

N.E.R.D- Hypnotize U

Sza- Julia

Sweater Beats- Make A Move

LSDXOXO-Rose Pedals

Aaliyah- Rock The Boat (JELANI Remix)

Iman Omari- The Path Inst

Frank Ocean- Nature Feels

Jhene Aiko- Higher

Comment below for suggestions on the next installment!


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