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Weekly Roundup

Sevyn Streeter

I first came across Sevyn with the release of the super up-beat song ” I Like It” . But this, this is something totally different! It’s mellow and beautiful and it showcases her voice perfectly. This is only the beginning for the songwriter turned singer:

Here are some of my other acoustic version faves:

Ginette Claudette


Also in this week’s roundup  (which will as of now become a regular thing), I discovered Chuuwee, Vic Mensa and 100s.

Chuuwee is a 22 year old rapper from San Antonio, Texas. His song RadicaL initially caught my eye and I ended up listening to almost every song on his Soundcloud.

Vic Mensa

It seems like this is the age of the Chicago Rap Scene. Everywhere i look, there are rappers repping the Windy City and Vic is no exception. You may have heard him on Chance the Rapper’s Cocoa Butter Kisses. Check him out here:


100s seems to be bringing that hard pimp culture back to the West Coast. Don’t Believe me, listen to his Ice Cold Perm (yes his hair is luscious). He AND Vic Mensa were both mentioned in Complex’s 25 New Rappers to Watch Out For. Listen to the Bay Area Rapper right here.

Want me to check out anyone else? Comment below!


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