The Greatest AKA Rap Genius’s Biggest Challenge AKA Lupe Fiasco

I remember my 14 year-old self, sneaking a listen at my big sister’s ipod while she was taking one of her many naps ; that’s when I stumbled on him: Lupe Fiasco. It’s hard to describe my connection to his music without describing a feeling of spirituality, intellect, and substantial meaning.  He speaks on issues local and worldwide, earthly and heavenly.

His metaphors will literally leave you in awe. I am in awe just thinking about them. And over time, his bars have gotten more and more twisting, every line seems to need a dictionary decoding. Many of his tracks will not be understood without countless rewinds and his most recent drop is no exception:

His lyricism is out of this world, period. From love songs to commentary on child soldiers, peep some of my absolute favorites by, in my words, The Greatest:

I am so tempted to put entire CDs of his art, that’s what he makes.  In a world where the radio plays nine of the same sounding songs over and over until it is embedded in our mind, he creates.  And that is why his music won’t be on the radio.


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