Don’t you love it

when you stumble upon something new? It’s like a cross between excitement and a feeling of incredulousness (did I just create my own word?) that you lived your life without this fantasic, amazing thing. This feeling came in the form of a new artist on the scene. My friend, who appreciates music almost more than I do, sent me a link to ” this chick named Sza”. Knowing me, I’m always up for a new artist, especially if it has an r&b/alternative sound. I double-clicked on a song titled “Crack Dreams” and I ended up singing my way through both of her EPs in a matter of one hour. Sza’s music is dreamy, and hard-hitting, soft and full-frontal. In other words, I LOVE IT. Let me set the scene for you: When listening to her music, I feel like I’m on the beach with a maxi dress blowing in the wind, in a drum circle drinking ginger tea spiked with something from a silver flask ,meditating and chilling at a house party while raging in a club with Jhene Aiko and Kid Cudi. To understand me, all you have to do is listen.




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